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All Our Curves and Gestures


A dance performance created by Isabella Donati-Simmons in collaboration with choreographer Emma Morris and performers Ming Mei Ip, Camille Banville, Robert Gusdal, and Jade Legault.
Workshopped during November 2015 and performed at Concordia's Studio 7 on November 27th 2015.


This piece explores the task of transposing one art medium into another, and the perceived hierarchy between movement and text. The written score is a collection of fragments of ee Cummings' play, Him (1917).

It was greatly influenced by the work of Gertrude Stein and the choreography of Trisha Brown.

How about the chairs
abstracted movement
repetition with words
repetition without words
Trisha Brown


Gertrude Stein
Movement from actions

composition across mediums

word on a page dancers on a stage

Damn everything but the circus
a rose is a rose is a rose


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