Cheers! is a ten minute deadpan comedy scene that plays on the insincerity of words and the absurdity of mainstream North American matrimony. It is composed of three performers who recite a continuous amount of cheesy and insincere wedding toasts while they drink wine from various odd receptacles. The text of Cheers! is a collage of quotes from online how-to blogs that give advice on delivering wedding toasts and provides template toasts to use.

Cheers! employs non-narrative source material and explores "characterless" performance. The performers deliver the quotes in a dry, deadpan manner and do not perform as specific characters. In this way, the audience pays closer to the language of the toasts in itself. The toasts present a fascinating insight to the ridiculous and rather unrealistic expectations many people place on love and relationships.


Composed and directed by Isabella Donati-Simmons

Developed in October 2015 with performers Kate Stockburger, Rémi Mireault, and Cleopatra Boudreau. 


First performed at Concordia's Studio 7 on October 30th 2015.


Performed at Laboratoire Phenomea, organized by Festival Phenomena, at Casa del Popolo on March 17th 2016 with the performers Kate Stockburger, Evan Harvey, and Madeline Mckinnell.