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Act 2 Playing with Ice Cubes
Act 2 The Loneliest Balloon
Act 5 - She Goes Out for a Cigarette
Act 4 One More Piece
Act 1 She Walks Around
Every Act She Disappears
Act 4 All Alone

It's a Party

It’s a Party is a gallery performance piece in five acts. With stylized movement, dainty aesthetics, and a textless narrative, it tells the story (or stories) of a girl (what girl?) at a party (which party?). In short acts of three to tweleve minutes each, the party girl dances, eats cake, and hangs around... alone. All she hopes is to find a connection (or just something to do). It's a Party playfully explores the emotions of desire and expectation in relation to self, others, and experiences.




Photos by Juanel Casseaus

Co-created by Emma Morris and Isabella Leone 

Performed by Kia Spzak 

Costume, lighting, and prop design by Isabella Leone 

Music by The Caretaker

Presented in Tactile Museum at Eastern Bloc on April 22nd 2016. 



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