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Our Lady 1.0
Our Lady 1.0

Our Lady 1.0           (work in-progress) 

Our Lady 1.0 is a puppetry piece exploring the iconography of the "feminine" and the "martyr" as it exists in contemporary pop culture and archetypal symbolism. 



Photos by Bruno Afonseca and Loic Freeman-Lavoie. and Isabella Leone. Taken from outdoor rehearsals and Le Ritz production 

Composed and directed by Isabella Donati-Simmons

Conceptual Assistance: Jacky Hammer and Caitlin Ross 

Puppets and set built by Isabella Donati-Simmons, Jacky Hammer, Caitlin Ross, and Loïc Freeman-Lavoie

Puppeteers: Caitlin Ross, Jacky Hammer, Loïc Freeman-Lavoie, Simon Banderob, Stephanie Zahara, and Julia Nadeau. 

Sound Design Assistance: Ben Compton 

Music by Salem 

Presented at Cafe Concret #26 at Bar le Ritz on July 16th 2016. 

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