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Recountres/ Encounters Project: Tracks et Deraillements

Tracks et Déraillements Presented by the Rencontres/Encounters Project at the Montreal, arts interculturels (MAI) January 20-23rd 2016

Excerpt taken from Rencontres/Encounters website: "Rencontres/Encounters (R/E) is an engaged, intercultural research-creation project, whose aim is to R/E-evaluate, R/E-envision and R/E-imagine performance as a means to build relationship across different values and life experiences. R/E aims also to offer possibilities for transformation in understanding of others and otherness in a range of community contexts. The R/E believes that another person’s perspective can be better understood (though never even close to fully understood) through storytelling, dialogue, and through performance of oneself, and of another."

The Rencontres/Encounters Project asks, “What Are We Not Talking About?”



Multiple languages sincerity personal social political text direct address playing space free audience movement vignette scenes layering curated conversation performing self

photo by David Ward


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