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Festival International de Théâtre Anarchiste de Montreal: Fleuve de février

Festival International de théâtre anarchiste de Montréal

February 8th 2016

Casa del Popolo

A experimental theatre cabaret of different short acts including clown, music, puppetry, monolgues, mime, and dance. The goal of the event was to provide a space for artists to present their work to an audience.



A delightful and exciting tappas of different art forms and expressions, with both elements of playfulness and depth. The mismatched old wooden aesthetic of Casa del Popolo complimented the raw and unpretentious quality of the performances. As the audience, you felt included in the work, either because of the directness of address, or because the majority of artists were seated in the crowd before getting up on stage. The intmacy of the venue and little stage felt like you were at a dinner party with dear friends, who then spur of the moment decided to show each other what they'd been working on.

I was most capitvated by the performances of the two duets. All musicians were extremely versatile, playing multiple instruments, consecutively and concurrently. They each had distinct clear styles, and created an evocative and enchanting space with their sounds.

Check out the festival, which takes place this May, at the Festival international de théâtre anarchiste de Montreal's website.


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