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Obra Anaïs : Confiteor

Obra Anaïs: Performance Ensemble

March 4-6 2016

The PICCOLO Rialto Theatre

Taken from performance event's description:

"C O N F I T E O R is a piece that extrapolates on nine individuals’ reflections on seduction: the performance of presenting one’s supposed best self through learned behaviours. The event is centred around discovery, divulgence and persuasion and is approached through multiple contemporary theatrical forms. C O N F I T E O R opens up a space for reflection as it unravels the problematic, the absurd, and the erotic in these dances of seduction."


thoughts ;

Engaging use of space, movement interludes, sound design, and video performance. For me, Confiteor provided an opportunity to reflect on my own thoughts about the images and actions of seduction I see portrayed in the mainstream media and performed by most people around me. It left me feeling frustrated and dissatisfied with the lack of honesty and truth present in pop culture's imagainings of seduction.

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