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Concordia Theatre: Alice

Concordia Theatre Department

Directed by Dean Patrick Fleming

Based on the Books by Lewis Carroll, adapted by Harry Standjofski

D.B Clark Theatre

April 6th-9th 2016

Slightly darker than the classic, this contemporary telling of Alice in Wonderland centered on a preteen Alice coming to grasps with the reality of growing up. The playwright's goal was not to remain true to the script; this adaptation presented characters and settings not found in either of the books.

Many of the actors played multiple roles, which allowed their skills with comedic timing, voice, and physicality to shine through. The wonderland setting showcased the talents of multiple designers, with a large quantity of props and costumes, and a space for projections.



I thought that it was a well chosen piece for a theatre department -- it had a fairly large ensemble, and showcased the performers talents well. However, I have difficulty watching adaptations of Alice in Wonderland, simply because of my love for the original story, and for experiencing it in book form. Although I find the concept of adaptation and its role in the medium of theatre fascinating.

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