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The Parade is a text-less video ensemble performance piece. The piece uses the idea of “parade” to explore the politics surrounding young women and the objectifying gaze. It presents ideas surrounding power, expectations, resistance, and agency. In The Parade, an antiparade is presented; one where its performers do not always smile, nor do they move in perfect unison or look identical to one another. Yet it is still a parade as the performers are still expected to perform, and there is still an audience that looks on.


The Parade is composed of a choreographed series of tableaus. An ensemble of girls enter and exit the stage, dancing and interacting with each other. Throughout, film footage of young girls in white is projected upon their bodies. The girls move with clear choices but ambiguous intentions, shifting in between directly acknowledging and decidedly ignoring the audience.

The Parade  (work in-progress)

Work in-progress showing performed by Kit McKeown, Nicola Protetch, Jessica Lopez Garcia, and Emma Morris 

With the music of Brian Jonestown Massacre 

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