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With All That I


A walking tour performance created and performed by Isabella Donati-Simmons for Concordia University's Neighbourhood Theatre course as part of the Right to the City Project.


Performed at Share the Warmth Community centre on December 5th 2015.

Photo by David Ward

Drawing from site-specific theatre, this walking tour performance collages senses, thoughts, observations, and memories to acknowledge subjectivity, interpretation and the experience of space.

The Neighbourhood Theatre is a course that takes an interdisciplinary, “hands-on,” place-based approach to exploring many of the ethical and practical considerations facing artists and others wishing to work “in residence” with community partners. It’s a course about how theatre artists, oral historians, documentary media artists, community workers, and others interested in social innovation, animation and activism might meet and explore social change within Montreal neighbourhoods.


The Right to the City project focuses on discovering the community of Pointe St-Charles through the lens of oral history, theatre, art education, and urbanism.

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